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Do You Adore Your Front Door?

front-door refinishing & repair in Decatur Georgia

Curb appeal – how your property looks from the street – is affected by how your yard looks, how the home’s façade and roof look and how the home’s front door looks.

If your front door is weather-beaten, faded or stained with water damage, your curb appeal score will take a hit, but worse, the door could be weakened, providing an easier way for bad guys to break in.

Here’s a quick do-it-yourself door audit, designed to uncover problem areas and provide some options for resolving them.

  1. Open and close the door. Does it stick or does the latch not catch?
  2. Lock the door. Does the bolt slide easily or do you have to apply “body English” to get the bolt to slide?
  3. Look at the bottom of the door from the outside. Do you see any signs of the wood splitting or mildewing? Does the wood feel spongy or porous anywhere?
  4. Go out to the front yard and look back at the closed door. Is the coloration (paint or stain) uniform or splotchy?
  5. Is the door faded from exposure to the sun?
  6. On a day with cold temperatures, stand near the closed door and see if you feel cold air passing between the door and the jamb or between the door and the floor.
  7. Go outside after dark and look back at the closed door. Do you see light under the door or from any of the sides?

If you discover damage to the door itself, like wood rot or splitting, you will probably need to replace the door. In an historic home, that can mean you’ll need to pay special attention to the door dimensions, because things weren’t standardized in 1905. Also, if the door is not rectangular, a replacement door may have to be milled, rather than purchased at a home improvement store.

If there are gaps around the door, or the lock doesn’t catch properly, the door will need to be adjusted in the frame.

If the door just doesn’t look good but is physically sound and properly set in the frame, then paint or refinishing is likely all that’s needed. The door will need to be stripped, sanded and then the appropriate, long-lasting paint or stain should be applied.

All of these tasks can be completed by a dedicated do-it-yourselfer, or a reputable handyman can take care of things for you. Of course, The Entry Enforcer is always ready to assist with all things related to doors and windows and has the expertise required for honoring historic homes. Get in touch today.