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Why is Door Reinforcement Important?

An intruder's favorite method for illegal entry into your home is through the door - by kicking it in.

It's surprisingly easy to do - a well-placed kick right to the lock or right beside it can force the deadbolt through the soft wood of the door or the door frame, shattering the jamb and allowing entry.

Reinforcing the door jamb with steel eliminates the opportunity for easy entry.

This is security video of two men attempting to kick in a door that had been reinforced by The Entry Enforcer. They run at the :55 mark because their kicks set off the burglar alarm -- the reinforcement kept the door from giving way.

Protect Your Family & Home

Stop burglars before they enter.

French-Door Security Solutions

Our Door Security Improvement Process:

Jamb Shield: A 4-foot long steel jamb shield is anchored to the wall with 3 1/2" screws. Those long screws reach all the way to the 2x4" wall studs and anchor there. Now, if a burglar kicks the deadbolt, the force from the kick will be distributed through the jamb shield and the jamb screws, lessening the impact of the kick. The door jamb stays whole.

Door Shield: To keep the edge of the door from splintering from the force of a kick, a u-shaped door shield is added by removing the lock and/or knob, sliding the shield in place, and reinstalling them. Now the door is reinforced around the lock.

Hinge Screws: To anchor the hinges more securely into the wall frame, the shorter stock screws are removed (two on the door frame side and two on the door side) and replaced with much longer screws.

Steel door reinforcement works on single doors and on double (French) doors, Cost starts at $300 for single doors.


What to Expect for Home Door Security

The Entry Enforcer's trained installer will bring all the tools and hardware needed to complete the job.

If the door has already been damaged, he'll repair or replace what's damaged before adding the reinforcement. He'll make sure the door is positioned properly in the door casing; he'll add the reinforced strike plates and door casing. When the work is complete, he'll clean up every trace. Expect it to take two to three hours per door, unless the required repairs are extensive.


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