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A virtually invisible steel hardware system reinforces both jambs, the door at the locks to protect against door kick-ins. For single doors or double (French) doors,

Door Reinforcement

Glass security door.
While it looks like a standard glass storm door, a security storm door is constructed with strong, clear polyester film sandwiched between two layers of safety glass. If broken, the glass shards won't fall out and allow entry into your home.

Security Storm Doors

If the door frame or door itself is damaged, The Entry Enforcer can repair or replace the damaged part with or without adding reinforcement

Door Damage

Door Security Demonstration Videos

Single Doors

Door Barricades

French Doors

Window Security

A visible barrier to potential burglars, this lockable steel door can be basic or ornate, depending on your style.

Burglar Bar Doors

An alternative to reinforcement or external barrier, door barricades are installed inside the home

Door Barricades