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Four Ways to be a Good Neighbor

Summer is here! Days are getting longer, and we’re all spending more time outside. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out and meet your neighbors, or reconnect with the ones you already know.

Here are four ways you can be a good neighbor and — as a bonus —  participate in keeping your neighborhood safe.

  1. Get to know your neighbors — the whole family. Meet their pets. Share telephone numbers and email addresses, so you can get in touch with each other.
  2. Join Nextdoor or the private Facebook group – whatever your neighborhood uses for a social network*.
  3. Many of us don’t use our front doors for daily entry/exit.  If you notice a package or flyer lingering by your neighbor’s front door, let them know. Savvy bad guys have been known to hang a take-out menu on a doorknob and then watch to see how long it stays there.
  4. When your neighbor plans a vacation, offer to keep an eye on their home.
    • Offer to pick up mail, newspapers, flyers and mailbox hangers while they are gone. Put out the trash/pick up the barrels on the proper day.
    • Offer to water flowers, planters or grass – so there’s no visible signal that the homeowners are away.
    • Offer to park your car in their driveway
    • Ask how to reach them, in case of an emergency

Here’s to a summer season filled with lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weather and spend time with neighbors and friends.


*If your neighborhood doesn’t have a group, you can start a Nextdoor group or a private Facebook group easily and at no cost – just check out their websites for details.