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Moving to a New Home: Our Home Security Checklist

security checklist for new home

With the excitement of moving, it’s easy to forget about the security. Here is a home security checklist to ensure you have everything – from locks to alarms –  covered.

Security for you and your family is essential. When moving into a new home,  first discover what security features are in place and then decide what you’ll want to add or change when you move in.

Stay Safe with this Home Security Checklist

Secure Doors

Make sure all exterior doors are strong and secure. You’ll want heavy, hardwood or metal-clad doors. If the doors in your new home seem weak, you may need to replace them or have them reinforced.

A wide-view peephole is recommended for exterior doors. You’ll also want to make sure that strong deadbolt locks are in place.

Locking Windows

All windows should have secure screens and locks. Windows can also be fitted with security film, which reinforces the glass and prevents shattering. Consider having dowels or pins added to windows, to keep them from being bumped open from the outside.

Re-Key the Locks

If you’re moving into a pre-owned home, have the locks re-keyed. You have no idea who may have been given a key before you took possession. Even if  you’ve had a new home built, it may be a good idea to have the locks re-keyed, just to be certain you’re secure.

Exterior Lighting

You’ll want to make sure the home has good exterior lighting, especially around entryways. If it doesn’t, install security lighting around walkways, exterior doors and garages. Exterior lighting can also be equipped with motion sensors.

Do You Need an Alarm System?

Alarm systems can act as a deterrent against bad guys — they might skip a house with an alarm sign in the yard to go to one that doesn’t — but an alarm won’t stop a burglar from entering. Consider how an alarm system can work in concert with other security measures you take in the home.

Get to Know Your New Neighbors

It’s important to introduce yourself to your new neighbors so you can all keep an eye on each other’s properties. This is a good chance for you to ask about any prior security issues they’ve had in the area.

Stay Safe from the Beginning

By using this home security checklist, you will ensure that your new home is secure on the day you move in. Taking care of these security precautions early is the best route to a healthy peace of mind.

Entry Enforcer cares about your security. We offer a number of solutions for added security in and around your home. Contact us today.