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Creating and Rehearsing Your Family Security Plan

create a family security plan

In our busy everyday lives, it’s almost too much to get the kids and family members out the door for the day. And to think ahead to the “what ifs” that the world can throw at us? Not a chance in our packed schedules.

But these “what ifs” can be extremely important and a family security plan will be an excellent foundation for planning.

In times of danger, you need every minute you have. This plan is an investment in a safer future.

Social Media Can Thwart Your Family Security Plan

Ever hear the slogan, “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen?”

Unfortunately, for too many people, it’s not just a slogan, it’s a way of life. And that way of life can lead to major losses from burglars who patrol online sites looking for:

  • Upcoming vacation announcements
  • Check-ins and tags at places far from home
  • Photos of your new, expensive purchases
  • Discussions of “Same time, next year!” or comments about your next trip, along with dates and times.

We’re not saying not to show off your vacation snapshots. But take a cue from Stanford University, who warns that 78% of burglars use social media to target their next heist.

Wait until you are home, unpacked, and “back to reality” before detailing your trip.

And if you’re friendly with your neighbors, consider doing the real-life version of a post and “tag” them — in person — with your plans as part of your family security plan. Give them your itinerary, plus the details on how to reach you should they notice anything that seems strange at your property. They’ll watch for doors left open, lights turned on, or unfamiliar people in the driveway.

Involve Your Kids in Your Family Security Plan

As much as we’d love to seal our children off into protective plastic bubbles, we can’t. Back in 2014, the Child Trends watch organization noted that two-thirds of all children are exposed to violence at least once a year.

And while a home break-in doesn’t necessarily mean direct violence, especially if your family doesn’t encounter the intruder, it is still an act of violation and can have disturbing and harmful effects.

So, consider involving your children right from the start with the family security plan you create. Give them a role or certain responsibilities to enforce their importance to the family and to the plan.

Making sure your children own and adopt the plan does not have to mean scaring them with nightmarish tales.

Kids can take part in home security planning by:

  • Being the “record keeper” of the plan
  • Being the monitor to count heads once everyone meets outside the house
  • Knowing where the grab-bag is kept and ensuring it leaves the house with the family
  • Being a buddy with another child to ensure both get out of the house safely

Prep Bag

Sometimes family security requires leaving the home in a hurry — most often when extreme weather strikes.

In times like these, we suggest you have a grab-and-go bag, prepped with items to keep your family safe and happy at your new, temporary destination:

  • Enough prescription medications to last several days
  • A warm sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket for each family member
  • Flip-flops or plastic shoes for walking in water or taking showers in unfamiliar places
  • Shelf-stable snacks such as granola bars
  • A small, comforting, favorite toy for each child
  • A first aid kit

Meet the Family Security Plan Experts

There’s so much you can DIY with family security planning, but sometimes, it helps to call in the experts.

After all, you have the experience and education in your own field of work, so it makes sense to call on the knowledge of those who have become masters of security as their field of expertise.

Start by completing our self-referral form. With just a little bit of information, you can tell us about your home’s current security setup, and what might need a little reinforcement.

We will be happy to provide you an onsite consultation to review your current system – many homeowners are shocked to see that their self-installed physical security devices (such as door jamb reinforcement and security storm doors) may not be installed quite right.

Send us a message today and start feeling more secure in your own home.